Engagement Wave

Create an advantage as an employer of choice for young employees

Connecting the organization with young people

We have created an open innovation platform that connects business with young people, linking the pragmatic world of work with the energy and innovative thinking of the young generation.

Challenges posted on the platform allow organizations to involve students in creating solutions to the most important problems faced by organizations today.

Strengthen your Employer Branding

Get access to an experienced, motivated and committed community

Collect insights and thoughts generated by your target group

Show an innovative approach to attract talent to your organization

Looking for talent and engaging employees - we’ve been doing this for 10 years

While working on crowdsourcing projects, we have not only to connect with clients but also engage hundreds of people to work on their projects.
Over 200 thousand people worked with us on marketing, HR, CSR and smart city projects, earning more than PLN 1.5 mln in prizes.

Do you know, that...

Of medium and large companies have problems finding employees (increase 32% year on year)


Of professionals will take a job offer only if they like the employer’s brand


Of companies think that the biggest challenge within a year will be to retain qualified employees

Key challenges you may face

Going beyond traditional forms of attracting employees, such as salary or standard benefits

Ensuring a constant inflow of young employees with specialist competences to the organization

Building a positive perception of brand (employer branding)

Understanding and meeting the real needs of young employees

Expanding and supplementing traditional forms of student engagement at universities

How do we do this?

Our solution enables the building of positive brand perception while maintaining constant access to a potential employee pool consisting of talented students and graduates.

This innovative model built around crowdsourcing and the principles of open innovation offers young, talented people an attractive career start.

We create dedicated programs combining technology with the methodology of community involvement in order to build strong brand recognition and attract people to your organization.

Challenges on MillionYou.pl platform
Using the MillionYou.pl Platform is intuitive - the user chooses the challenges that they want to face.
There are challenges related to life style, social and economic themes and, above all, related to broadly understood entrepreneurship.
Such a wide spectrum of challenges allows companies to check different aspects of a candidate’s qualifications, find product innovations, revolutionize the experience related to the purchase of their products.
Participants receive attractive prizes for their participation and ideas, corresponding to their expectations – e.g. travel vouchers or financial equivalent, as well as internships, certificates confirming competencies, or gift cards for Netflix or Spotify.
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